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Jordan Associates –

Unified Communications

Business VoIP Phone System

A complete, reliable, and affordable cloud-based communication and collaboration platform―including business VoIP phone system, text/chat, video conferencing, file sharing and more

Jordan Associates is located on Long Island, New York. We service Suffolk County, Nassau County, New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and beyond.

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Lower Cost

  • Save up to 50% on your telecommunication bill (compared to traditional phone service providers)
  • Reduce infrastructure; operating costs
  • Consolidate voice and data on one network
  • Flat, per-user rate with unlimited domestic long distance
  • 90+ enterprise-grade calling features INCLUDED

Increased Productivity

  • Allows user mobile devices to interact seamlessly with the customer’s phone system
  • Anywhere, anytime, and on any device –  creates a more flexible workforce
  • Transcribes voicemail messages to text and/or email
  • HD video conferencing and screen sharing empowers collaboration in real time,
  • File sharing & backup makes sure collaboration documents don’t get lost

Simplified Scaling

  • Partner orders service according to the number of users; no guessing number of lines needed
  • Ordering additional service is easy and can be done online; no technician or special expertise required
  • Manage service and features using user-friendly Control Panel portal
  • Scales to a large number of users per business

    Seamless Transition

    •  No disruption to business during or after cutover
    • We take care of porting all of the numbers from the current carrier
    • Porting typically completed within 7 to 10 business days
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    Increased Reliability

    • 99.999% financially-backed uptime SLA
    • East/West Coast redundant datacenters assures reliability and decreases latency
    • Stringent prequalification guidelines combined with proprietary network testing tools assure reliable connection and crystal-clear voice quality
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    Business Continuity

    • The cloud based automated attendant greets and routes calls and if your desk phones aren’t available, the Elevate mobile app is always there for you to receive and place calls.
    • Find me/follow me can also be used to route calls to alternate phone numbers in case of a local outage.

    Unified Communications Features

    Modern Telecommunication: Includes business VoIP phone system, video, chat, and file sharing all on one platform



    Stay connected no matter where your office is. 90+ features, including HD voice & unlimited domestic calling (Canada, US and PR).



    Securely engage with your customers from wherever with 720p HD audio/ video, screen sharing, and interactive presentation tools.



    Break away from your inbox. Communicate with coworkers in real-time with individual and team chat.



    Share and collaborate on files securely from any location. Full file management including real-time backup and restore.

    Included VoIP Phone Features

    Our Business Phone System Features


    A visual indication of whether your contacts are available (usually a green dot), in a meeting or busy (usually a red dot), presenting or sharing their screen in a meeting or just don’t want to be disturbed (usually a red dot with a line through it), or away (usually a yellow or gray dot). Unified communications systems display this information next to your contacts’ names.


    An automated telephone service that lets callers dial one number that multiple users (or the hunt group) can answer in a sequence of your choosing. For instance, round robin or circular hunting rings each phone in a hunt group in an assigned order,  Many companies set up hunt groups by business department—one for marketing, one for HR, etc. Hunt groups ensure no inbound call goes unanswered.


    A voice menu system that allows callers to navigate through choices without human intervention to reach the extension, person or information they require. Also referred to as “digital receptionist,” “virtual receptionist,” or “automated attendant.” Auto Attendants are customizable to have different messages and menus based on the time of day, or for scheduled holidays.


    Call recording can be set per user or for the entire organization. You can choose to record all incoming calls, all outgoing calls, or on demand by simply pressing #9. Once the call is complete, the user (by default) will be sent a copy of the audio file to their email. The email notifications can be changed to go to a manager or any other email address, if preferred. 


    A feature that allows you to continue the current active call using a different device. You would “flip” the call from your desk phone to your mobile phone, or vice versa. This is helpful if you are talking on your desk phone but have to leave the office. Just flip it to your cell phone and continue your call on the go. 


    Similar to hunt groups, but if all users in the hunt group are on the phone, a call queue places the caller on hold (with music or a message) while it waits for a member of the group to free up. Usually, callers have the option to leave the queue to leave a message or get routed somewhere else.


    Voicemails are emailed to the user of each extension. You can also customize multiple users to receive voicemails per extension or dedicated voicemail box. The recipient will receive an audio file attached to the email, as well as a text transcription that you can read instead of listening.


    This is a feature that lets you put a call on hold at one location and pick it up from another location. The call is “parked” onto a certain extension and can be picked up from any phone by dialing the parked extension. Call park is useful in companies with many offices or where employees are distributed on many floors

    Business VoIP Phone System

    Unified Communications Technology


    Our Business Phone System is easy to use on all of your devices

    Pre-configured phones connect to the feature-rich elevate service wherever they’re plugged in.

    The Elevate Desktop App allows users to place calls, chat, host or join a video conference, and share files right from their Mac or PC.

    Seamlessly switch your workspace to any Apple or Android smart device with the Elevate Mobile App.

    Get a Free Phone or Device with Every User!

    Complement your new user activation of Jordan Associates Unified Communication with even more great options to meet the need and workstyle of each user


    Unified Communications Products

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    Business VoIP Phone System

    Answer your phone anywhere

    With our Unified Communication app installed on your cell phone, your desk phone and cell phone will ring simultaneously to be sure that you never miss an important call. Make a call from anywhere in the world and it will appear that you are calling from your office!

    Download on the App Store
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    Choose your Business Phone System plan

    Unified Communications and Collaboration as a Service

    Modern Telecommunication

    90+ features included in ALL plans. Including Auto Attendant, Hunt Groups, Call Recording, Paging Groups, Park Groups



    Per Month

    1 Desk Phone + 1 Mobile App
    + 1 Desktop App per user
    Team Chat
    Video Conferencing (4 participants per meeting
    Cloud File Storage – 5GB/user (pooled)



    Per Month

      ✓ Free Yealink T33G per user
    5 Desk Phones + Mobile
    + Desktop Apps per user
    Team Chat
    Video Conferencing (200 participants per meeting
    Cloud File Storage – 10GB/user (pooled)
    Web Fax
    SMS Messaging



    Per Month

      ✓ Free Yealink T33G per user
      ✓ 5 Desk Phones + Mobile
    + Desktop Apps per user
    Team Chat
    Video Conferencing (200 participants per meeting
    Cloud File Storage – 10GB/user (pooled)
    Web Fax
    SMS Messaging
    ✓Exchange Mailbox
    CRM Integration

    Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences with Contact Center

    Delighted customers are the foundation for a successful business. Earn loyalty by responding to your customers with the right service level the moment they engage. With Contact Center, you can manage customer interactions efficiently, gain meaningful insights, and deliver a superior customer experience all from one integrated platform.

    Businesses of all sizes can finally realize the advantage of an enterprise-grade cloud contact center solution that’s affordable, easy to deploy and powerful to operate. Reinforce your customer-facing staff with the secure, user-friendly, full-featured solution to ensure the very best customer experience with every engagement. Treat your customers well and boost the bottom line.

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    Benefits of Unified Communications

    • We worked with everyone at Jordan Associates and couldn't be happier. They were all very attentive to our needs and fixed any issues we had as they came up.... read more

      Beth Denner Avatar Beth Denner
      January 1, 1970

      I have worked with Jordan Associates for decades and the services and hardware they have installed has been first rate. The latest update has been our phone system. It does... read more

      Anton Gerdes Avatar Anton Gerdes
      December 27, 2022

      Worked with Jordan Associates for the many years and have always appreciated their ability to help on a moments notice. They have been essential to the growth of my... read more

      Sharanbuilders Avatar Sharanbuilders
      November 10, 2023
    • Jordan and Associates - Your work on converting from the old system to the new system was painless. There is no difference between people working remotely... read more

      bill carney Avatar bill carney
      December 28, 2022

      The team at Jordan Associates is a pleasure to work with. They handle our office IT work and most recently our Phone System. The newest technology in this phone system... read more

      Robin Campanelli Avatar Robin Campanelli
      December 28, 2022

      Jordan installed a VOIP phone system for us during the pandemic and everything was flawless! I can get calls now wherever I am, and it makes working remotely for me... read more

      Carol Levine Avatar Carol Levine
      December 28, 2022

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