About Us

Why Us?

Jordan Associates has been servicing small, medium, and large sized business in the Tri-State area (as well as all across the country) for over 30 years. We focus on network security and effectively managing all aspects of a businesses technological needs.





Our cloud based phone and communication platform has all of the features you would want and need from a Unified Communication product, as well as the simplicity to allow your employees to effectively use it. 



Jordan Associates Unified Communication makes it easy to add to users and extensions to your phone system (and still provide a free desk phone). 

Easy connect multiple locations and offices in one cohesive phone system. This allows for interoffice transferring and extension dialing. 




Our phones can be programmed specifically to your businesses needs. Depending on your current setup, or additional needs you may have, we can program your new VoIP to fit your particalular companies desires.

Upgrade Your Technology and Reduce Costs

Not only does our system come with an amazing suite of products and feature, but in almost all cases, we are able to reduce your monthly phone bill.

Fully Integrated,
Highly Efficient


Jordan Associates Unified Communication is a suite of products that all integrate together. They allow you to work mobile on your cell phone or computer and even integrate with other third-party apps 

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